Carbon Sequestration on Land – Grow – Sitka Spruce

Why use Sitka Spruce for Carbon Sequestration?

Sitka Spruce is a fast growing coniferous tree which makes it ideal for Carbon sequestration as it photosynthesises all year round locking atmospheric Carbon into its biomass. The Sitka Spruce is the fifth largest species of conifer in the world – it can grow to nearly 100m tall and is estimated to be able to live as long as 700 years, this makes it an obvious choice for Carbon sequestration.

The wood which the Sitka Spruce creates is sought after for timber and paper production. C-Zero will use Sitka Spruce for timber in framing our building projects which will further aid Carbon sequestration by keeping Carbon safely locked away in the timbers of our buildings.

Sitka Spruce is ideal for building with as it has a high strength to weight ratio – this also makes it great for musical instruments – so Carbon sequestration can literally be music to your ears too!