Carbon Sequestration in Water – Grow – Spirulina

Carbon Sequestration in water – grow – spirulina

Carbon sequestration in water needn’t be salty, Spirulina is a protein rich food source that has been used for centuries, more recently being called a superfood.

Whether or not Spirulina is a “superfood” it is an incredible organism for Carbon sequestration in water. As an autotroph Spirulina makes its own food from Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water, and in the process fixes Carbon into its biomass. In addition to Carbon sequestration, it is believed that Spirulina can also remove harmful Nitrogen compounds from the air and fix them safely in biomass too. This means there are potential applications for Carbon sequestration and atmospheric cleansing through the cultivation of Spirulina which in turn produces a high protein food source for both humans and animals – truly a win win situation.