Carbon Sequestration in Water – Grow – Kelp

Carbon Sequestration in water – grow – kelp

Carbon Sequestration in water cannot be mentioned without talking about the incredible plant that is kelp.

Not only can kelp remove vast quantities of Carbon from the atmosphere and lock it into biomass, but it also can provide sustainable nutrition for people and animals alike. Carbon Sequestration with kelp is both an environmental and a gastronomic delight!

Because kelp grows in water it does not need to create the same structural strength that land based plants do, this allows it to grow at incredible speeds of up to 60cm (2 feet) per day, so fast you can almost watch it as it sequesters Carbon from the atmosphere.

Another great benefit of kelp for Carbon sequestration is that when it breaks it is swept out to sea and sinks to the seabed which locks the Carbon under water for years, often decades or even millennia, so even if we lose some of our plants, we still keep the Carbon safely locked away!