Carbon Sequestration on Land – Grow – Shrub Willow

Why use Shrub Willow for Carbon sequestration?

Like the Sitka Spruce, Shrub Willow is very fast growing and as such is great for Carbon sequestration on land, however as a deciduous shrub, it does lose its leaves in winter. The speed that Shrub Willow grows at means it is particularly suited to areas where higher levels of pollution may be found.

Carbon Sequestration with Shrub Willow is immensely effective as not only does Shrub Willow grow incredibly rapidly it also has a commercially viable crop in the form of wood chips. Shrub Willow, even when harvested as wood chips and combusted as fuel still manages to be a positive Carbon sequestration method due to the Carbon stored in the biomass beneath the surface, in the Shrub Willow’s root system.